Terms and Conditions of Use

Terms and Conditions of Use:
1. General:
A. Tthis website refers to men and female as implied.
B. The following Terms of Use will apply to any use and purchase made by you on the Site, and will constitute the legal basis for any discussion between you and “Or Zarua LaTzadik”. As a result, you are requested to read this document in full.
C. Browsing the Site and / or purchasing a product and / or an annual subscription and / or services offered for sale therein constitutes your agreement to the terms of this document. If you do not agree to any of these terms, please do not make any use of the site.

The following are current contact details:
Michal and Avraham Saragani
PO Box Tiberias, Israel
Phone: 077-2341504
Fax: 04-6724060
E-mail or.zarua36@gmail.com

2) Sale on site:
A. The purchase of services and the products on the site is carried out by PayPal and credit cards holders only (over the age of 18).
B. The purchase process begins with the selection of an annual subscription or a service or product from the catalog or the sales pages which must be added to the shopping basket by clicking the “Add to Cart” link.
C. Each product has an information card and a picture (for illustration purposes only). For further information, please contact us by e-mail .
D. After adding the desired products to the shopping basket and ending the purchase process click on the link “to the cash register” where you will be asked to enter additional details to complete the process such as shipping address, credit card details and any other detail required to complete the transaction, clicking the “Submit Order” The data of the transaction to the “Or Zarua LaTzadik” server. At the end of the transaction, a notice will be received regarding the reception of the data in the system. Note! Submitting false information is a criminal offense and it does so, and is expected to initiate criminal and civil proceedings.
E. Once the data is received on the server of “Or Zarua LaTzadik” they will be transferred to confirm the PayPal/ credit card information, we will notify you by e-mail or telephone confirmation / rejection of the transaction. It is hereby clarified that for the purposes of the matter, only the data / certificates as they appear on the “Or Zarua LaTzadik’ are set.
3) Supply of products:
A. After purchasing an annual subscription, you will be sent a personal password to log in and watch all video clips.
B. After approval of the transaction and collection of the payment in full, the services and or product (s) shall be sent to the address specified in the order within one working day by registered mail or by courier and in the sole discretion of “Or Zarua LeTzadik” (unless expressly stated otherwise). The shipment is subject to the regulations of the Postal Authority and the restrictions and delivery destinations of the Israel Postal Company and the International Postal Service.
Delivery by mail is 11-23 working days and depends on Israel Post and international mail.
C. “Or Zarua LaTzadik” shall not be responsible for delays in delivery of products as a result of disruptions caused by force majeure or factors beyond its control, including strikes and lockouts.

4) Confidentiality of the information:
A. The “Or Zarua LaTzadik” website will not make any use of the information provided by you except for the purpose of making the purchase and / or unless required by law and / or in order to prevent misuse.
B. The Information provided by you will be accessible only to employees who need information to provide the service.
C. “Or Zarua LaTzadik” takes the usual security measures in order to maintain as much as possible the confidentiality of the information, the transfer of credit card data and personal data is done in an encrypted manner and according to the strict standards. It is hereby clarified that “Light of Arm to the Righteous” shall not be liable for any damage, direct or indirect, caused to you in the event that the information is lost or misused as a result of cases beyond its control or as a result of force majeure.

5) Cancellation of Transaction:
A. Cancellation of a transaction in accordance with the Consumer Protection Regulations (Cancellation of Transaction), 2010 and the Consumer Protection Law, 5741-1981
B. In any case of a request to cancel a transaction after the product is sent to you, cancellation of the transaction is subject to the return of the product (s) in their original packaging within 14 days from the date of receipt thereof, without injury and / or damage and / or defect. Returning the product (s) will be made to your account.
6) Miscellaneous:
A. All information displayed on the Site including trademarks, verbal information, images, icons, logos etc. are copyrighted and may not be copied, duplicated / distributed or used in any way without the express written permission of Or Zarua LaTzadik, except the downloaded texts files and images.
B. It is hereby clarified that the information on the site is not a substitute for a professional counseling and the use of this information is done at the full responsibility of the surfer.
C. It is hereby clarified that the consultants and experts on the site do not replace full consultation with a professional / doctor / therapist and the use of the information / advice is done under the complete responsibility of the surfer.
D. It is hereby agreed that only the courts of ​​Tiberias, Israel shall have the jurisdiction to hear any dispute regarding the service and / or information provided on this site.
Pleasant surfing,
“Or Zarua LaTzadik” Michal and Avraham Saragani, and the staff.