Designed tallit, מהש silver, gold and white

$420.00 (tax incl.)

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The tallit we design on is a Kosher Tallit, 100% (Rechalim) wool, produced by Talitniya, Israel.‎
On that Tallit we design fine cloth (silver, gold and white colors) and high quality silver embroidery.‎
The set includes an embroided Kippah, 2 bags and a personal hand-tied made by Avraham Saragani from ‎Tiberias, with the intentions of the Arizal,‎
The hand-tied of the tsitsit is personal and in accordance with your requests, for example abundance, parity, ‎blessings, healing and so on.‎

This set is designed only once.
Fast delivery with courier (5 business days to USA).‎

size 60 (large)